About Us

With its fingers on the pulse of the market, The Agency Real Estate Marketing Group is recognized for its development of effective sales and project marketing strategies of multi-family, resort-based, and commercial Real Estate developments.

Uniquely innovative and always professional, The Agency redefines Real Estate marketing methods while working with developers to transform a promising idea into a lucrative entity by blending innovation with detailed market knowledge and analysis.

The Agency is regarded for developing effective sales and project marketing strategies, thus securing maximum earnings while delivering dedicated support to its clients.


The Agency was established on the belief that dedication has the power to transform our lives - in commerce, culture and our communities. We are business experts who are passionate about working side-by-side with developers and teams of professionals to distinguish what success looks like for their projects, thereby bringing to life the maximum opportunity in every project from start to finish.

By gaining a holistic view of our clients' vision and needs, and adding the expertise of our sales and marketing team, our work solves complex problems and transforms our clients' missions into successes.


Currently the fastest growing Real Estate company in British Columbia, TRG is comprised of over 180 realtors featuring offices located in Vancouver’s trending community of Kitsilano and in the vibrant core of Downtown Vancouver.

We at The Agency believe that success comes from within, that is why we draw from TRG Realty’s large group of top performers to create a sales and marketing team of exceptional expertise.

*Licensed by affiliate brokerage TRG Downtown Realty

**Unlicensed associate